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50 years of expert legal representation

Craig W. Elhart, Attorney at Law

Lauren R. P. Kreinbrink, Attorney at Law

Dennis M. Swain, Of Counsel

Our Practce

Based in beautiful Traverse City, Michigan, Elhart & Kreinbrink, PLLC exhibits expertise in multiple fields of the law. With Craig W. Elhart at the helm of Elhart Law Firm for the last 50 years, the next generation of justice and integrity zealously moves forward.

Craig W. Elhart built this law office from the ground up, making it one of the most well-known firms in northern Michigan. Recognized as one of the toughest defense attorneys in the area, he leads the way with honesty, ethics and experience.

Lauren R.P. Kreinbrink comes to Traverse City with her experience as the former elected Prosecuting Attorney for Mason County. Having tried many cases throughout her career, she is confident in the courtroom, and takes pride in representing her clients compassionately. She is thrilled to partner with Craig W. Elhart to provide quality representation to clients in Traverse City and beyond.

We are proud to be a part of a profession that is dedicated to client rights and will advocate your case with passion. With the addition of former Prosecuting Attorneys Lauren R.P. Kreinbrink and Dennis M. Swain, of counsel, the services of Elhart & Kreinbrink, PLLC will give you a sense of calm and, with experience, provide an outcome that most could not achieve.

Elhart & Kreinbrink, PLLC has the skills and familiarity with the Court systems to handle a variety of issues including civil, criminal and personal injury cases.

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